Our Mission Statement

Desert Springs Christian Academy acknowledges that God has bestowed upon parents the responsibility of training their children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22.6). The academy exists to assist parents in this command by providing a classical Christ-centered educational program for the children of those who are committed to a personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Parent Covenant

  • We understand and acknowledge our commitment to the philosophy of education at Desert Springs Christian Academy.
  • We understand and promise to abide by the policies and procedures of Desert Springs Christian Academy.
  • We will keep apprised of our child’s academic progress and behavior by appropriately communicating on a frequent and consistent basis with teachers.
  • We acknowledge our God-given responsibility to discipline our child. We understand that Biblical discipline involves internal attitudes and external actions.  When informed by the staff of behavioral infractions, we will properly discipline our child with the goal of ensuring that the infraction does not occur again.
  • As directed by the Holy Spirit, we promise to regularly pray for the administration, faculty and all students of Desert Springs Christian Academy
  • We promise to provide our child with an adequate and regular time and place to study and complete homework/projects.
  • We promise to resolve disputes by dealing directly with the person or persons involved without criticizing them or the school. We will maintain confidentiality by discussing a matter only with one who is part of the problem or solution. Our attitude will be one of instruction and grace with the goal of reconciliation.
  • We promise to take an active interest in all aspects of Desert Springs Christian Academy and, as God leads and opportunities arise, to assume volunteer duties and responsibilities.
  • We promise to pay all financial obligations to the school promptly. If unable to do so, we will notify the school immediately.
  • We will make school attendance a priority by adhering to the school calendar and limiting absences to illness and/or family emergencies.
  • In keeping with the goals of our child’s education, we promise to make church attendance a priority and to pursue involvement in the ministries of the church.
  • We will notify the school of any changes of church attendance or membership; particularly if we change denominations.